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pizzamoreCiao a tutti,

This week, we held a movie screening of ‘Cinema Paradiso’ in UCC. The unpredictable weather didn’t put a damper on the event; the students’ love for great films and authentic Italian cuisine brought everyone together for an enjoyable Thursday night in. Our promise of free pizza was fulfilled in good faith and we all enjoyed our fill of some very tasty pizza, courtesy of Pizzamore, College Road, Cork. We were impressed with the variety of pizza that Pizzamore provided, and everyone left in good spirits – even if a few pounds heavier! 😉 Complimenti e grazie, Pizzamore! You have reignited our love for handmade Roman pizza and we’ll be back soon.

We hope that those who came along for the movie night were entertained. We have more events planned for the remainder of the semester so we hope to see you again soon. As always, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates.

A presto!

UCC Italian Society.

3 thoughts on “PizzAmore!

  1. Che buona questa pizza! Do they make rianata, our Sicilian pizza? When I lived in New York people didn’t know about it. I’ve seen Cinema Paradiso three times! And Ba’aria 5 times!

  2. I just noticed you’re writing from Cork. I’ve been to Ireland so many times. Once many years ago my mom and I stayed one month in a farm house in Cork. We had so much fun… and gained so much weight. We loved the 5 o’ clock tea. My brother lives in Ireland, near Dublin, that’s why I travelled there a lot.

  3. Ciao, Francesca!

    Good to hear you’re a fan of good food 😉 Pizzamore do a big range of pizzas and calzone made to order. The business is run by Italians and they make sure that all pizzas are made in an authentic, Roman style! They were really delicious.

    I hope you enjoyed all your visits to Ireland and that you’ll be back soon.

    A presto!

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