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Un Nuovo Inizio – A New Beginning

Ciao a tutti!

Welcome to our first blog! We’re very excited to begin a new year of meeting lots of new people and bringing some Italian language and culture to our campus. It’s only October, so it may feel like we’re only beginning but so much has happened already. As a quick recap, here’s what’s been going on:

On September 18th, we spent the day saying ‘Ciao’ to all of our new members and, most importantly, we brought a taste of Italy with us for everyone to enjoy! We had a mix of salamis, cheeses, olives, ham, mortadella and bruschetta at our stand, thanks to the hard work of Pasquale from The Boot Specialities in Cork.

Mix of salamis, mortadella, ham, cheese and olives.

Mix of salamis, mortadella, ham, cheese and olives.

We welcomed hundreds of new members that day, and it was really lovely to see so many people interested in our society and in the Italian language and culture (but mainly the food, we’re guessing!).

The meet and greet feeling of Societies Day was over as quickly as it had come along and before long, we were busy making preparations for so many events that we have planned during the year. Our first event, which will be held in collaboration with UCC International Students Society, will go ahead TONIGHT!! We will be co-hosting a film screening of Academy Award Societies Daywinning ‘Life is Beautiful’, followed by a relaxing social in The Holy Cow. It kicks off at 8pm and will no doubt continue for as long as you want it to, so come along and take advantage of all of the special offers that we’ve been busy organising for the past while! It’s important to say that everyone is welcome, you don’t have to have signed up for the Italian or the International Students Society before. It’s a great way (the best way, in my opinion), to meet some interesting and like-minded people and kickstart those college friendships that last well into and beyond adulthood we’ve heard about in so many movies!

We also have active Facebook and Twitter pages, which are regularly updated. Take a look!

A presto,


Webmaster, UCC Italian Society.

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