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The Italian Society works hard to have as many social events as they can so that classes can have a chance to bond outside of lectures, as well as meet others from different years. We also provide learning assistance to those who need it, for example conversation classes in preparation for oral exams or simply for a bit of knowledge for when you travel. Last year we had an Italian student running these classes and this year we hope to do the same. And finally the society offers preparation for the Erasmus year abroad, if you plan on travelling to Italy in your third year and find the whole idea a bit daunting, you can find someone to talk to here.

Think of us as bringing a pinch of Italy to our lovely campus in UCC – providing the university with a much needed injection of Italian culture!

We will document our events here during the year, as well as keep you posted on society news.

We hope our legacy will become a pizza history some day.

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